Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, and a beautiful one.

Yesterday, Saturday, was nice but today is just fine.  Real fine.  Daughter's 27th birthday today, sent a card and a text.  She actually acknowledged it with a text.  The actually part refers to her somewhat reclusive nature.  I remember her birth, brought me to tears on the miracle of birth.  Also reinforced my sentiment I'm glad I'm male.  Carrying a living thing within one's body, heady stuff.  Can't wait till she reads this.  My older brother's birthday is today too.  He lives on the Cape, I'll call him.  We get closer with age, funny about that.  Went out to breakfast with friends, Kev and Jane,  haven't seen them in almost two years.  That was good, glad to get back together with them again.  They were exuberant about a new purchase, a Baldwin Grand at an unbeatable price.  A silver lining in an otherwise pocket of economic lint.  We spoke about a summer tour of vintage modern houses within a modest drive of our area; Western Mass.  The Johnson house and houses of the New Canaan(CT.) School are high on the list. There's lots, Wiiliamstown (MA) has some nice little enclaves tucked away too.  Sadly, Northampton my town, is almost totally void of anything even resembling decent International style or MCM architecture.  Expanded Capes with Danish modern furniture is about as modern as Hamp gets.  Great little college town (30K pop.) though.  Summer's looking good.  Watch, some calamity will befall to derail that train of good thoughts. Disregard, just my Catholic upbringing.  If things seem too good don't worry, they'll change.  Looking forward to my Nine Ball pool league tonight, hope I do better than the last week.  Got creamed by an other player with a lower skill rating than I (ouch).  Lots of drama in my personal life that night, lucky the loss wasn't worse.  Like the Sting song, tonight's a 'Brand New Day'. 

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